Welcome to Infographic Templates!

You might be asking yourself, “Why did an infographic design agency like Killer Infographics create a template site?” OK, maybe you aren’t asking that, but it’s still a question that begs an answer. To begin, let me give you a bit of our back story:

Killer Infographics began near the end of September 2010. What started as 2 business partners working out of a town home grew into 20 employees and 250+ global clients in less than 2 years. We have had the privilege to design some of the most viral infographics online while working for amazing brands like Adobe, BBC, T-Mobile, Pepsico, Starbucks and more. We have designed thousands of quality infographics, but recently have noticed a shift in the market. It was one we have always anticipated, and one we are proud to see: infographics are in high demand and all kinds of designers want to meet that demand.

What used to be a service for niche designers and firms like ours, is now becoming a necessity in the market. In-house designers and regular freelancers are getting asked to create quality infographics, but do not have great tools at their disposal. Even some of the most talented designers struggle with creating infographics from scratch without the right tools for the job (we should know, we’ve tested over 200 designers to build our small team). So we decided to fix this problem, and provide high quality templates, created by our most seasoned designers.

Of course, graphic gurus aren’t the only ones that can benefit from these templates. You see, infographic templates serve another important niche: businesses on a budget. Due to the overwhelming popularity of infographics today, companies of all sizes are jumping on the visual bandwagon. Of course, those on a budget end up using cookie cutter tools or hiring cheap (i.e. new to infographic design) labor. This results in a low quality design which will then be met with little pickup both online and offline, driving any marketing campaign into the mud. We want to help those that can’t afford agency service, so we decided to help any budget create a standard infographic by applying our same expectations for quality to our templates.

Whether you’re a startup, non-profit, designer or simply an avid do-it-yourself-er, our infographic templates will help you start your next design on the right foot! And if you want to take those designs up a notch, give us a call. At Killer Infographics we believe that all information should get a facelift and want to work with you in anyway to put the power of infographics in the palm of your hands!