Infographic Template, From-Scratch, Interactive, or Motion Graphic?

Your Guide to Information Graphics

So you want an infographic. Easy as that, right? Not quite! To portray the right message in the right medium to the right audience, you still have a few choices to make.

Do you start with a template and do it yourself? Do you bring on an infographic design firm to create your graphic from scratch? Do you delve deeper into the topic and allow more exploration with an interactive infographic? Or do you let the audience sit back and watch the information unfold in a motion graphic? Most importantly, how do you decide which one of these is the right choice?

Don’t worry — we can help.

Infographic Templates
Your story can primarily be conveyed with charts, graphs, and icons. You’ve done the research yourself (or enlisted outside help to do so) and you’re willing to piece together the infographic on your own. Actually, you might be more than willing to do so — you might prefer it!

You might also be working on a low budget (a new business, startup, nonprofit…) or be a first-time infographic user looking to test the waters.

In these scenarios, you can create a standard infographic on a minimal budget and on your own time frame with a quality infographic template.

From-Scratch Infographics
Maybe icons don’t cut it for you. Perhaps you’ve used templates or created standard infographics in the past, and you’re ready to see what a higher level of design can get you. But without your own designers, you’re stuck dreaming of a better infographic… Until you find a killer infographic design firm. (Maybe they even share a name with the concept…)

Illustrations, expert use of typography, and innovative charts and graphs can breathe new life into your story. To interest your audience and boost your sharability, unique Premium infographic designs are the way to go.

Interactive Infographics
You’re aiming to impress… and to engage. You’ve got a lot of content (2.5 pages is typical for an infographic; maybe your document is 4, 10, 12 pages long) and it has an integrated process flow:

“If this, then that”

“What happens when…?”

“How do these small pieces relate to the big picture?”

Interactive infographics invite your audience to participate in the experience of answering these questions. They’re great for conveying complex or lengthy concepts in a simplified way. Whatever your reason, an investment in an interactive infographic is an investment in time and sheer awesomeness.

Motion Graphics
Your content is dressed to impress. Maybe there’s a running narrative inherent in the content. Perhaps you have a static infographic with incredible illustrations that are just begging to be animated.

You want a kinetic mission statement for your company, a hero image for your site (static infographics aren’t up to the task), or just an amazing piece of moving art to make you and your message look good.

Motion graphics are up to the task and can really set you apart in your field, but be aware: they aren’t easy to create. Take the time to view dozens of motion graphics before deciding on your vision — and do the same research on the firm you choose to create that vision. If you want to create the motion graphic yourself, we offer great motion graphic templates to make that happen!

Bottom Line
Since not every type of information graphic is suited to every topic or storyline, knowing which medium to proceed with is a critical early step. With the tools to make an informed decision, you can be happy with your choice every time.