Info-craft-ic: Infographic Ideas for the Naturally Craftsy

Some people are just naturally artistic — every time you turn around they’re drawing, decoupaging, building furniture, knitting. They make personalized gifts and have spearheaded the scrapbooking craze, because few things are more satisfying than bringing creative new ideas into the world.

Yet infographics have been largely overlooked by these craftsy types, and that’s something we’re looking to correct. From greeting cards to magnets to posters, there are few things more personal than a custom infographic.

We’ve designed our infographic templates to be easy and fun to use, but they also offer a great deal of breadth — so if you can dream it up, we can help you bring it to life.

Greeting Cards
Angie Chan Infographic Greeting Card
If you’re sick of those overly sappy cards that don’t really say what you mean, or if you don’t want to give Dad yet another golf card this year — well, you’re not the only one. There’s nothing more personal than a homemade card, and infographics do a great job telling the story of relationships.

In a card for your significant other, you can choose to document the history of your relationship, from big occasions (your first date and your wedding day) to the simply unforgettable (remember that day you ate 5 ice cream cones?).

Or instead of a timeline, you could document what you and a best friend share right now: 3 favorite restaurants, 22 inside jokes, 2 pairs of matching shoes. What better way to show how much you care?

scrapbook infographics
You love documenting the history of your loved ones, but photographs don’t tell the whole story. How tall was your son when he was 10? How many teeth did your daughter lose in 2011? What was Mom’s batting percentage in the neighborhood league last year?

Our templates can help you create infographics that have the same look and feel as your scrapbook — and that can tell your story as no photo can. Making the infographic can even be a family project.

Displays & Flyers
infographic flyer
You can even jazz up the family photos on your walls. Integrate those photos with some cool facts about your family, visualized in infographic form, and you’ve got a snapshot of your family at a moment in time, or a chronology of your history. It’s eye-catching, easy to read, and worth 2,000 words to your photo’s 1,000.

Infographics make great flyers, too. In a flyer for the school bake sale, break down how the money will be used in a pie chart. When other parents find out that 50% goes toward buying new textbooks, they might be motivated to buy a few more brownies.

infographic t-shirts
Your clothes can say a lot about you — that is, if you’re wearing an infographic T-shirt. In fact, this type of shirt can say just about anything, whether you want to wear your Dance Dance Revolution scores loud and proud or document your world travels.

Shirts can also be a great way to promote awareness about a cause: for instance, try giving out shirts at a charity event enumerating the many ways your group has helped local kids.
For an idea of just how cool an infographic T-shirt can look, check out one of our many infographic T-shirts at Data Threads.

We’d love to hear your ideas about creative ways to use infographics! Until then, happy crafting.