I've worked with Killer Infographics before, but as a startup owner cannot always budget for their level of service. Now that I know I can get templates created by their top designers, I'm really excited. I can't wait to use some of their killer templates.
I've run a graphic design school for the past 19 years, and we love to say that even when your budget is tight — even though there's a world full of crowdsourcing, off-shore logo factories, and slave-labor interns — there is absolutely no substitute for bringing in a professional designer and having them do custom work for each and every assignment. Now that I've seen what Killer Infographics has brought to infographictemplates.com, I'm going to be revising my story. It turns out you can get great infographics work, even when dollars and time are in short supply.
We needed to quickly produce a couple of great infographics to demonstrate our ideas to customers and VCs. With the templates Killer Infographics created for infographictemplates.com, we were able to go from a concept to wowed audiences in a couple of days and at low cost.

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Some people are just naturally artistic — every time you turn around they’re drawing, decoupaging, building furniture, knitting. They make personalized gifts and have spearheaded the scrapbooking craze, because few things are more satisfying than bringing creative new ideas into the world. Yet infographics have been largely overlooked by these craftsy types, and that’s something […]

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You might be asking yourself, “Why did an infographic design agency like Killer Infographics create a template site?” OK, maybe you aren’t asking that, but it’s still a question that begs an answer. To begin, let me give you a bit of our back story: Killer Infographics began near the end of September 2010. What […]

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Your Guide to Information Graphics So you want an infographic. Easy as that, right? Not quite! To portray the right message in the right medium to the right audience, you still have a few choices to make. Do you start with a template and do it yourself? Do you bring on an infographic design firm […]